Okajyo Castle
Inspired by the beautiful Okajyo Castle, Rentaro Taki wrote the wonderful song
entitled -Moon Over Okajyo Castle- . This 80 year old song has subsequently become a
representative song of all Japan. Rentaro Taki was born in Minato-ku (formerly
Shiba-ku),Tokyo. After moving to Toyama-prefecture and other places, he settled in
Ichiban-cho, Chiyoda-ku and graduated from Kojimachi Primary school. Then, he went to
Oita-prefecture, and entered Tokyo Music School. Upon entering school, he frequently moved
many times around Hirakawa-cho or Bancho. The very popular song "Kojo-no-tsuki" was
composed at his home in Ichiban-cho.
    While in Austin, Dr. Shigenori Kuga had an idea for my daughter who is an opera singer, to try this song, so he had his wife Fax the music. My daughter learned the song admirably, and only later, I painfully read through the music, finally producing the midi file you can download here. This is a very beautiful, sensitive, and haunting melody. I am sure you will keep repeating it to yourself once you hear it!
"Haru koro no hana no en
Meguru sakazuki kage sashite
Chiyo no matsugae wake ideshi
Mukashi no hikari ima izuko"


"Kojo-no-tsuki" Will Play
(R. Malcolm Brown, Jr. Playing the Roland KR-1070)

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