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Sample MIDI Files
from my
Roland KR-1070
Digital Intelligent Grand Piano

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added November 19, 2005

(Ann on Mauracherberg in Denzlingen, Germany, October, 1996)

     Now playing is a piece which I composed and have dedicated to my wife, Ann. It is called "To Ann".  I hope you like it.  Early one morning, I was testing  single instruments, and the nylon guitar seemed particularly beautiful on the KR-1070.  A simple, yet haunting melody came to mind.  I added other tracks with a flute, a french horn, and string background.  The second verse was  transposed to provde a fresh perspective.   I am honored to dedicate this piece to Ann, to whom I have been happily married for 37 years!

  Click on this thumbnail to hear "Rain Waltz"

  Click on this thumbnail to hear "Kojo-no-tsuki"

  Click on this thumbnail to hear "The Calypso Orchid"

Earlier Additions
(August, 1998)
click on title to download or listen to a General Midi 1 file
These were all produced on my Roland KR-1070 Digital Intelligent Grand Piano
I am happy to share files with you! (ps, these are a long way from perfect  but  are examples to demonstrate just how easy it is to produce interesting music with the fabulous Roland KR-1070!)
New Midis made on the Roland KR-1070
(ps- right click on mouse and "save as" to download midi file. Then use your midi player on your computer to play the song!)

 When Day is Done
Boogie By Malcolm
 Over The Rainbow
 Close Encounters of the Third Kind-Takeoff
 Autumn Leaves
 Tennessee Waltz (new version!)


"To ANN" Will Play
(R. Malcolm Brown, Jr. Playing the Roland KR-1070)

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created and modified November 19, 2005 by R. Malcolm Brown, Jr.

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