A Tour of the Roland Factory at Hamamatsu

December 13, 1999!

Mr. Kakehashi starts the tour just outside of his office at the Hosoe Factory. On the wall are the world-wide locations of Roland Sales Offices and the corporate officers of these. Mr. Kakehashi takes great pride in his international distribution centers for Roland products.

Here I am with Mr. Kakehashi and also Mr. Jun-Ichi Miki who is the Managing Director of the Development Section of Roland.  Mr. Miki was my main tour guide.

This is one of many injection molding machines which produce the black and white keys for Roland keyboard products, including the KR-1070. The starting products are black and white polystyrene pellets which are then heated so that the polymer melts. The liquid state of the polymer allows high pressure injection into molds to create the precision keys for the keyboards.

This is an example of the switching mechanism of the Roland KR-1070 keyboard. This assembly contains the delicate and precise switches for initiating the computer to announce the digital sounds.

Here, Mr. Miki shows a part of the keyboard switch assembly line. Notice how clean and orderly things are in the Roland assembly plant.

This Roland employee is working on the keyboard switching assembly

This is the final inspection of a Roland KR-1070 Keyboard. Everything is just perfect!

This is the chip assembly part of the factory where robots place microprocessors on motherboards. This operation is so fast that it is virtually impossible to stop the motion of the robot arm with even 1/300 sec. The motherboard is completed within one minute! This part contains the proprietary sound chips and computer cpus and other components which are the "brains" of the KR-1070 and other digital pianos manufactured by Roland.

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(Oh yes, I took this digital photo of a lovely lady  who was strolling on the grounds of the Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto)

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