Continuing theTour of the Roland Factory at Hamamatsu

December 13, 1999!

This assembly contains the various chips which the robot assembles into the motherboard. The chips are in a tickertape type of dispenser which feeds the master assembly for integretation into the motherboard. This is a pretty complicated process!

This is Cell F where the KR-1070 Digital Electronic Grand Piano is assembled. On the day of my tour, they were not assemblying the KR-1070, but this gives you an idea of the site where all comes together in such an organized fashsion!

Malcolm with Mr. Mr. Eiji Ishigami,  leader of the Contemporary Keyboards Production Department

Here Malcolm tours Cell F which is the Roland KR-1070 Assembly area, and he speaks with the personnel and congratulates them on their beautiful work!

For the modular assemby, piano components take a ride on a robot cart which delivers them from one part of the factory to the final assembly area. Cell F where the Roland KR-1070 is assembled is in the background.

The painting area where precision paints are mixed and applied.

Final applications of laquer are applied by this robot arm in a clean room. This type of precision equipment is what leads to the perfect finishes on the Roland pianos.

For obtaining the perfect sound samples for digitization, a Steinway or Bosendorfer grand piano is placed into this anacheoic chamber which absorbs any sound reflection. Then microphones pick up the sounds generated by the acoustic piano and transform these into the sound samples to be used in the digital instruments. Here Mr. Miki and Dr. Kondo demonstrate the "suspended" effect on the mat which is in the center of the chamber. Upon entering this chamber, the sound effects are truly weird! No reflections. Everything sounds "flat" and very silent somewhat like in a snow storm.

Here is one of the control rooms where sound samples are recorded. The $500,000 switching device (in the background) has been replaced by a $3,000 Roland Digital switching device (on the desk in the foreground). Quite an advancement in technology!

Here is the Roland KR-1070 Digital Electronic Grand Piano in its beautiful demonstration room which is acoustically perfect. I had the opportunity to perform on this piano and can honestly say that it is far superior to any acoustic concert grand piano that I have tried.

Another fine Roland digital product, the Rodgers Organ. Malcolm is with Dr. Tetsuo Kondo.

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Created December 28, 1999 by R. Malcolm Brown, Jr.

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