A Visit with Mr. Ikutaro Kakehashi, Chairman and CEO of Roland Corporation

December 13, 1999!

In December, 1999, I was in Japan for a research visit at Tsukuba; however, one of my life goals was to meet the inventor of the digital keyboard and to see where my Roland KR-1070 Digital Grand Piano was assembled and to visit with the skilled craftspeople who designed and built this beautiful instrument. The visit was arranged through the kindness and generosity of Dr. Tetsuo Kondo who made arrangements to visit with Mr. Kakehashi on December 13, 1999 in Hamamatsu. The visit started with a nice meeting in Mr. Kakehashi's office where we exchanged business cards, and I told him how I came to know and appreciate Roland. I presented my first CD to Mr. Kakehashi as well as an Ansel Adams Year 2000 Calander. After a very cordial visit, we toured various factories. I was most interested in where the KR-1070 was manufactured, and below you will have a fantastic personal tour!

One of my highlights was to perform on the magnificent Roland KR-1070 Digital Electronic Grand Piano in the special acoustically beautiful auditorium at the Hosoe factory. I played for Mr. Kakehashi and composed a short piece on the spot. I have been so moved by this experience that I will soon have a new album series, "Sunset over Mount Fuji" and Sunrise over Mount Fuji".

Malcolm and Mr. Kakehashi discuss technical details and marvel at this beautiful KR-1070 Digital
Electronic Grand Piano on stage.

To start the factory tour
 click on the above photo of Malcolm playing on a "virtual KR-1070" (cell F) the exact site where his piano was assembled!

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